The White Owl Lower Parel ,

One Indiabulls Center, Tower 2, Lobby Level, Jupiter Mills Compound Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai

Contact - 02224210231 , 02224210232 ,

Timing- 12:00 pm - 01:00 am

Rs.2000 for 2
Open Now
Cuisine: European



One of the best breweries in Mumbai

The White Owl in a brewery and bistro located in One Indiabulls Center in Lower Parel. When I looked at the photos on Zomato, I thought it would a small place but it us pretty huge. The ambience is very rustic but elegant.

We tried the samples of all their craft beers and finally ordered-

ACE- French apple cider, a mild beer with a flavor of apple and champagne. This was good

Shadow- English porter, it had a strong roast aroma but the beer was moderate as compared to aroma

Torpedo- American pale ale, it had a strong citrus flavor and I loved this one

The White Owl has some lip-smacking dishes as well-

Chicken Popcorn Bhel- Sounds wierd, right? But the taste was so good. Tangy bhel with chunks of masala chicken and pomegranates

Blackened Red Snaper Skewers- It was served with lemon aioli and the combination was spot on

House Corn on the Cob- Our very own bhutta in Mexican style topped with parmesan cheese and served with salsa. This one is a must have

Fish and chips- This dish can never go wrong. The fish was perfectly cooked and the flavors were so good

For dessert we had-

Chef's Baked Cheesecake- Chocolate cheesecake, it was okay

Cr?me br?l?e- This one was amazing. The custard was soft, rich and creamy and the caramel was hard and thin, just the way it should be

The White Owl is one of the few breweries in Mumbai and they have a nice variety of craft beer. Also, they are coming up with a new section of the menu which, I am sure, would be amazing. I recommend The White Owl.

Stinky White Owl - how to fool customers for a year and then go out of business

This place is such a FAKE wannabe joint. They have given themselves the label of "microbrewery" as a marketing gimmick. Actually, it is such a pathetic and fake place, it is for the wannabe clueless crowd. If someone pronounces lasagne as "laasaagniya" then they belong at this joint. If someone who has never tried microbrews in their lives, goes here to boast that they have had a local brew for the first time in their lives, then they should be here. BUT IT IS NOT THE PLACE FOR ANYONE WITH AN IOTA OF STYLE, ELEGANCE, OR KNOWLEDGE about beer and decent continental food.
-- The entrees are sized so poorly, it makes you wonder if the owner and chefs think you are a fool for visiting. The entrees are smaller than an appetizer portion... what a scam!
-- Argumentative waiters: they will argue till they are blue in the face that their beer brews are made from "imported" hops and malt, and their entrees are appropriately sized. The joker finally shut up when I asked him which trapiste beers he had tried and which craft beers were his favourite. Then I asked him what the word "entree" means. He finally shut up and stopped making inane futile arguments and returned the silly "entrees" back to the kitchen.
-- The beers taste disgusting with an overdose of yeast to ferment them faster. Unfortunately, the malt and hops are not imported from Belgium or Germany, but taste like low budget imports from poor clueless beer countries like Vietnam, Bangladesh, or China.
-- The ambience is so low budget... the chairs are el-cheapo steel chairs like the ones security guards and watchmen use. The tables are cheap and low budget. The celiing is bareshell without any character.. the walls are el-cheapo.. very old and tired theme from 10 years ago of not restoring the broken walls of old Lower Parel mills.. Except here it is not authentic, since it is not located in an old restored mill. It is just a cost saving mechanism.
-- There were all kinds of ads for special prices on beer. When we started ordering, each item was not available or the special price was over, but it was still advertised as a marketing gimmick. So we had to pay full price on everything.
-- It was a Sunday afternoon, and only 2 other tables were occupied at 1:30pm for lunch. It was 10% occupied and 90% vacant. We saw the obvious, realized our mistake in coming to this pathetic trap, and in 35 minutes got up and left.
IF YOU ARE IN LOWER PAREL, THERE ARE TONNES OF BETTER, CHEAPER, CLASSIER OPTIONS..... try Tasting Room, California Pizza Kitchen, Cafe Zoe's, PDT, Zen Cafe, instead of this Silly Owl place. Even cheapy mass market Quattro is better than this Silly Owl trap. Enjoy, and dine well, without getting trapped at this money grabbing, crowd fooling, wannabe joint.


In the wake of the recent judgement passed by the Supreme Court of India, regarding the restaurants serving alcohol within 500 metres of the highway, we'd suggest that you call the restaurants to ensure whether they serve alcohol before you visit. Thank you.
Due to the roll out of GST from 1st July 2017, prices as listed in the menu at restaurants may be subject to change. We request you to check with the restaurant for any change before dining out or ordering in.


Weekend Brunch at The White Owl

@ The White Owl

The tap is open and the table is set for a Brunch at The White Owl!

Price Rs. 1102


The Bar Experience at The White Owl

@ The White Owl

Get your buzz on with White Owl's freshly-brewed artisanal beers and an appetiser.

Price Rs. 1197


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