Pot Pourri Vashi ,



Very Bad experience the staff literally humiliated me - me and my wife were at lunch on 1st March

my wife went for buffet and I ordered ala carte. ..just out of curiosity I tried a starter she got from buffet and the manager comes and tells me if I have one more piece of that starter from my wife's plate I would be charged for the buffet!!! I explained I have already ordered my dish but this guy just kept on repeating the same thing till I decided to get up and leave that's when the owner turns up listens to what happened and apologises but after his fucking staff had already humiliated me enough and not to forget my mom in law too was with us so in front of her I felt sick and bad could not enjoy any of the dishes which I like there also the chef really sucked that day.
I wouldn't recommend this place if you have any self respect for yourself.

Love this palce !

A place clost to my heart. Have come here in many occassions. The staff treats you like a king and so are there offerings. Love there sizzlers. Their super massive burgers and the variety that they have in the menu. Overall ambience of the place is so sporty and the crowd is happening too. Do visit here when you are tired with the scorching sun and have a chill time here with a chilled beer.


In the wake of the recent judgement passed by the Supreme Court of India, regarding the restaurants serving alcohol within 500 metres of the highway, we'd suggest that you call the restaurants to ensure whether they serve alcohol before you visit. Thank you.
Due to the roll out of GST from 1st July 2017, prices as listed in the menu at restaurants may be subject to change. We request you to check with the restaurant for any change before dining out or ordering in.

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