Horrendous food

Had heard a load lots about Kinara. But trust us, unless you are going to get drunk there, you will never enjoy the place. The food is outrageously bad. The service is very slow as well as lame. Chicken ordered was stone hard, mushroom tikka were tiny mushroom like marinated things barely grilled. nutshell - its not a destination for food lovers.


When i visited this place 2 yrs ago, they served yummy food. But when I visited this place 2 weeks ago, the food was not upto the mark.. The gravy was just ordinary in taste like any other restaurant.. The ambiance is good, but with many mosquitoes at night.Overall not worth it

Mixed Experience

Have visited the dhaba many times.Over a year the place has become overcrowding. The food is good. The place gives a nice feel of the dhaba. Avoid going on weekends the place is overcrowded. Live music sucks the singers are really irritaing if you your table is near to them. The best part of the dhaba is sitting and having your dinner on the shacks but now they are charging a lot for that. Good to try something new.

A different Dhaba experience

This place is located on the outskirts of Mumbai, much ahead of the Bhayandar bridge. Obviously to reach here you need your own transport but the parking facility - which basically is parking on the side of the National Highway is not that great. The food is nothing great. The paneer was as if it was made two days before and very spicy too. The seating is quite unique. Some areas have a ‘machaan’, where you have climb a flight of stairs to sit on the floor. Cushions are provided ofcourse but then again they feel very damp. We were seated in one of their bamboo huts. Since we had during Summer (May 2013) it was quite hot and the lone ceiling fan was not helping at all. The only good thing about this place would be the booze. The drinks are quite cheap - dirt cheap - prices that you would only get a wine shops. Make sure you inform your Server to open the bottles in front of you - You can never be sure at such places. If you would like to visit this place make sure you have a Designated Driver - someone who won’t drink. A must visit place if you want to booze with friends and don’t care about taste.

Best food I ever had with perfect ambience

.......................YOU MUST GO THERE...........................................

THINGS WHICH I LIKED.. rather loved.
1) sitting settings.. huts, open chabutra's, tables, arrangements
2) Service - no doubt it was appreciable.
3) Servers - I liked the way they were helping us choose the right thing. Very decent.
Food.. non-veg, veg, starters, desserts.... you cant just skip anything of this.
Jalebi and rabdi, paneer tikka etc etc etc.. just amazing.. just awesome.. finger licking experience.

I suggest readers to take me seriously and try this great dhaba. I am sure you will thank me after being there once.