Haldiram Rabindra Sadan ,


The Adda Place

This has been our adda place for long. It remains occupied all the time. Not a typical restaurant and hence attracts people of all age groups. If you want to have a snacky delight there cannot be anything better than this joint. The chinese bhel or the double layered sandwich, the dahi puchka or the chota kachori, all the dishes have been perfected over time, thereby leading to the popularity it adores.. :)


haldirams food city is an any time place for mithai and snacks. It even does qualify for a light lunch/dinner restaurant but you must be ok with self serving for each of your dish which is tiring. Haldirams is famous for mithai's and there's no doubt about it. It boasts hundred of variety of sweets and farshan. Come here for any festival and you will be more than happy.This place is ALWAYS full and busy but good food is worth the queuing up.


Due to the roll out of GST from 1st July 2017, prices as listed in the menu at restaurants may be subject to change. We request you to check with the restaurant for any change before dining out or ordering in.

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