Pind - Pure Punjabi Desi Restaurant Velachery ,



Great Punjabi fare

The place is a bit congested but the quality of food is heavenly. The decor is warm and friendly. Service is slow but the delicious food more than makes up for everything. Recommended items paneer tikka, veg banjara, mooli paratha. Prices are reasonable and tips (service charges) of 5% included in the bill.


We had food on 18.4.15 and my whole family fell sick due to stomach infection.
It is understood from other friends also that the quality of the has deteriorated. Hence I will not recommend any of my friends to go to this restaurant.



Due to the roll out of GST from 1st July 2017, prices as listed in the menu at restaurants may be subject to change. We request you to check with the restaurant for any change before dining out or ordering in.

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